My new Oversteps Books collection, A Place Where Odd Animals Stand, is now available.A Place Where Odd Animals Stand contains 47 poems, written in the last five years, and is divided into two sections.

 Cover (really final 400)

The first is a miscellany of poems on different topics which have caught my eye, many of them oddball, which is one reason for the title. Anything from lizards in art galleries, to the perils of Dettol, to Oliver Cromwell’s daughter writing to her dad. Some free verse, some in forms – Villanelles are favourite – and the occasional note to explain where I’m coming from.

The striking front cover photo (and its counterpart on the back cover, which you’ll have to buy the book to see) is by Robert and Virginia Small. They are both superb wildlife photographers, whose work can be seen at their site,www.eyesinthewild.com.